The saddest and most terrifying human condition is surely an innocent trapped in a relationship of betrayal and abuse.  It is a human condition we cannot ever forget exists, no matter how much evil and shame conspire to conceal it.  It doesn't need explanation or embellishment, it just needs to be told - women and children forced to live on little more than their survival instincts. 

A Sad Secret, The Long Walk Home

You beg him, 'Please don't do it!'

Does he understand how he tears right through it

With a wave of his hand, it hurts but you won't tell

It's your penance of hell


You wish you didn't have to go

And you hope no one will ever know 

That it makes you sad and scares you so

To take the long walk home


All your friends have gone to their happy home

When you left at dawn, you were on your own

But the night has come, and it's getting cold

You're leaving from being eight-years-old

To where he waits for you, where you're not alone

Nothing left to do but take the long walk home


Is your make up just right, does it hide that bruise

Is he happy tonight while he watches the news

Is dinner on time with just the right season

His passionate crime without rhyme or reason

To fear what you've done, though you can't run away

You have to shelter his son from the light of day...

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