In dedication to our son Charlie, a Marine.  And to all mothers who share the pain and suffer the fear for their children, who stand in harm's way for the sake of freedom.  This is what we hope for you and for us.


The Burdens of the Few

I know the world is a dangerous place 

One look outside can steal the smile from your face

You chose the hardest of the hardest things to do  

I know inside my heart that God will be with you


I tried to teach you all I ever knew  

To take from your shoulders the burdens of the few

You took it all upon yourself to serve and save  

I pray you're strong enough to help others be brave


What you face with iron grace...May shake you to your very Corps

I ever hope that you never have to cope...With the tragedies of war


I hope you know that I would go to any length  

For you to understand that mercy comes from strength

Boys are not born to become men but men are made  

From courage found within when they are most afraid


You cross an ocean where you will make your sand

Where braver souls have left their blood upon the stand

Don't let yourself be drowned beneath that raging sea

Just bring it home son...just bring it home to me...please...


Special thanks to Terry Reynolds, who helped make this song possible.

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