Marriage is the union of two souls, the joining of two lives.  As we empty ourselves of ourselves and bring our soulmates' being inside of our lives and our hearts, we gain more than we surrender.


Starting to Be

Feelings that I know are true,

escape me now as I think of you

Thoughts come quickly, but the words are hard

As if to write them, I can disregard

My notions, my emotions,

and my intellectual commotions


How can I say I love you,

in a way that is now somehow new

'Cause the thoughts are bold, but the words are old

Spoke by another, countless times retold

My undoing of my choosing,

and my winning for all my losing


I think I'm becoming what I want to be

I'm starting to see what I want to be

It's you and me, all of you inside of me


I have lived inside of your life,

since I took a vow to be your wife

I would die without your loving ways,

and lonely nights would end all my day

Now I'm deathless, you leave me breathless

And end my wanderlust so restless...

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