Sometimes there seems no end to the darkness, no tomorrow's sunrise, no hope, but we cannot give up, for hope is life's truest ally, and, even in the face of doubts and doubters - the pragmatists, the realists, the cynics - we must hope and we must seek the angels of better nature. 

Disregard the Angels

It's always darkest before the dawn - that's what they always say

I think that when this time is gone - I could learn to live that way


All the things I tried to say - the hurt of the world I deny

In your guiling winsome way - you would turn it to a lie...


'The truth' you say, 'is unkind and angels we can never be.'

But I hope I find that love is blind - and forgiveness comes for free


The truth can be so hard - but then my choice will always be

For the angels to disregard - our sins of humanity...

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