Appreciation is the heart of humility.  It is the only way to see the cup half full, and the sky half blue.  Reflect, when you can, on that which is truly important and learn its value, and you will learn what is truly valuable. 


Even After You're Gone

Sometimes we argue, sometimes we fight

Most of the time, it doesn't matter who's wrong and right

Because we own today, but never tomorrow

We pay with our lives the time we borrow

And it's madness to waste it on anger and sorrow


Sometimes I run, sometimes I crawl

Most of the time, I stumble and fall

In the world outside, life is unforgiving

But within your embrace, my life's worth living

And so often I think, I get more than I'm given


You are my dark and my dawn

Even after you are gone

And the strength that I find in my heart and my mind

It's the touch of your soul, and love you bestow

That lingers behind...still lingers behind...

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