Harlan Howard says that country music is three chords and the truth.  Nothing is truer than the anguish of divorce, the dissection of a single life into two parts, when all that had been endured over all the years seems suddenly meaningless and all that had been promised seems now false.  So much the worse, when one of the two is tearing apart what God had joined together, while the other is still hoping for reconciliation.


The Two of You

What do you do when it all seems lost  

The price that you paid is more than the cost

Countless moments that you have spent  

On anguish and worry that came and then went

About who you are, the two of you


And it's all out of your hands...it's not what you hoped

She's holding your life in the palm of her hand


How did it start and how will it end  

What once seemed so real now seems all pretend

This life with your wife, partner and spouse  

All you've survived, the kids and the house 

It's all who you are, the two of you


You've held her so long there in your heart  

Is it better to end, but where do you start

Because where you end is where she starts  

You were never apart but always a part

Of just who you are, the two of you....

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