What is the nature of reality?  What is real?  Is reality a human, subjective contrivance, and is what is real only what man can imagine?  Is man the measure of all things?  Dismiss the argument as sophistry, but do not deny that language is what gives man power and control over the heavens and the earth - to name it is to know it.  Words.  Our greatest invention and our greatest delusion. 


In the beginning, there was the word

Something unspoken, and yet to be heard

An enigma and a mystery

To change the course of history


Bind us together and keep us apart

Enlighten our mind and burn in our heart

The light of the moon, the darkest eclipse

The heavens and earth and upon our lips


We say it, we make it so

We write it upon our list

All that we can never know

Remains nameless and doesn't exist


Man is the measure of all that there is

All of the glory and all of the shame

It belongs to him and belongs with his

Just as long as he gives it his name...

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