It's all about the excess of a consumerist society - guilty as charged.  Seriously, we have so much and yet we still manage to overindulge.  The ancient Greeks believed that life had a proper "pitch" - wound too tightly the pitch is sharp; wound too loosely the pitch is flat.  Something to think about. 

Supersize Your Eulogy

Standing on the corner, exchanging legal tender

Underneath electric light, such a sweet surrender

Living in the moment, never tomorrow

The only time we have is the time we borrow


Sip of wine makes you happy, takes away your regret

Just one more will make you drunk, and helps you to forget

Before the time before, standing outside her door

Feeling that you had enough, asking for a little more


Too rich or too thin...You can never be

Commit the Seven Deadly Sins

And supersize your eulogy


A never-ending story, there's always one more page

One more way to say you're sorry, and try to act your age

All alone with your darkness, you sow and so you reap

All the endless emptiness, is there for you to keep...

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