Some say that life if full of dualities - yin and yang, male and female, light and dark.  But the truth is more complex.  Life is a place of shadow and shades of gray.  We may wish for the certainty of black and white, but we must venture to that place where the truth lies - where we may also be wrong, or at least not entirely right.

Black and White

Black and white 

Is it the difference between day and night, or wrong and right

And are you searching for some kind of second sight

In between the shades of dark and light

But can't you see and don't you feel

That you won't always find what's really real black and white


Black and white

Is it the difference between you and me, or is it what we see

Can you tell me what is there in a name

And less a difference and more of the same

And what it is that keeping us apart

Are just pretensions of a foolish heart black and white


Black and white

Can't we see beneath our own facade, and find the gift from God

The part we hide for fear that someone else will see

What makes us all afraid of being free

From all our in security

That makes us wish the world could truly be and white

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