A little nature found among the urban development - a field of wildflowers untouched by the hand of man.

I go here to see Mother Nature, where she offers a glimpse of her own beauty, a glimmer of her true reflection. Though it's quiet here, I can hear her voices, the bugs, the bees, the flowers, and the breeze that whispers among the green grass. I love being here...

Beautiful flowers and sweet fruits, blossoms in the spring, shade in the summer, a final blaze of glory in the autumn, and a new perspective when winter comes…a home among its boughs, a silent companion in my backyard, a source of nourishment to the birds, the bees, the insects and the critters of the field. We can share the bounty.
What beautiful relationships exist between Man, Nature and the denizens of the Earth when there is balance and harmony and symbiosis.

The rain was here. As usual, she comes and goes when she wants. Sometimes, she comes like a gentle whisper, and yet, her soft, ambient echo drowns out every other sound that clamors for my attention. When she steals upon me this way, she brings her moment of tranquility, as if she is here not to stir the earth, but to calm its ...

The colors of fall, the ever changing cycle of life, a sight that often invites us to reflect upon yesterday...time to harvest our thoughts, and gather them all...sweet or bittersweet. Thanksgiving is only couple of days away. Embrace it for the sake of gratitude; and pay tribute to the very essence of contentment...what else could be more humbling and beautiful than that.,,

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