Be Thankful
The colors of fall, the ever changing cycle of life, a sight that often invites us to reflect upon yesterday...time to harvest our thoughts, and gather them all...sweet or bittersweet. Thanksgiving is only couple of days away. Embrace it for the sake of gratitude; and pay tribute to the very essence of contentment...what else could be more humbling and beautiful than that.
As for me, looking at this grandeur of creation before me, I'm thankful for the moment that I was here; however, this moment is the culmination of hundreds, thousands of moments when I look on the everyday and the ordinary and imagine what more there is to it: What does it represent, and how does it relate to other thing? This moment that I've captured is the sum, no, it is the synergy of all those ordinary moments that have taken me from there to here.
I have a lot to be thankful for.

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