A little nature found among the urban development - a field of wildflowers untouched by the hand of man.

I go here to see Mother Nature, where she offers a glimpse of her own beauty, a glimmer of her true reflection. Though it's quiet here, I can hear her voices, the bugs, the bees, the flowers, and the breeze that whispers among the green grass. I love being here.

I take pictures of this place as a keepsake; to remind me what I'm passionate about; so I can remember how it used to be later on, when it is gone. Because soon, this place will be gone. All of those seeds of life that have been at work through evolution for thousands of years, all that has endured through millennia, will soon be buried in asphalt. And if any small piece of her is spared and exposed, it will not be spared for Mother Nature to thrive, to have her way, to grow her own flowers, but for man to decide what flowers to grow, what tree to plant and all will be contained and kept at bay.


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