They say that home is where the heart is, but where is it really?  This is a personal story about Anna's own search for a home - a place of love, security and healing.  And that place, wherever she is, is somewhere among the strains of the music that she loves, a place where it is safe to be vulnerable, and a place to find the remedies - and the melodies - of life.

Pilgrim Soul

 I'm a pilgrim soul - who fled across the waters

From a land that took its toll upon its sons and daughters

I'm a child of war - begun ere my eyes could see

Brought from a distant shore by those yearning to breath free


A wandering traveler's sanctuary

A mournful soul's travails

Seeking life's apothecary

Among the minor scales


Stranger in a new land - a girl twelve years old

Hopeful still of heart and hand - promised whispers rapt in gold

 Now I'm a woman grown - still a refugee

I seek a place to call my own where I'm truly free


I'm a pilgrim soul and yet if my heart should roam

Homeward bound my heart extols and my music is my home

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