The Seduction - What does it mean to be seduced? You are pulled in, against your will, but you go willingly. It's like an itch that you scratch, and it feels too good to stop.  It's like the warmth of a pool that you want to drown yourself in.  It's like a tickle, light, on the surface of your skin, and the longing for more and the fear it will stop.  It's a place where you're on the edge, of a ledge, and you want to jump off.  It's a gentle breeze that comes, you don't know where it's from, and you want to succumb.  It's bad that's so good, you just can't resist.  It's urgent, it's foolish, it's unbridled, it's freedom.  It's an addiction, a contradiction, and infection, a rush and a hush, it's languid and lush…it's an obsession, a crush.  It's a lion (tiger, panther, cat) prowling in the night that won't let you sleep for fear that it will pass you by.  It's a storm that howls in your ear that no one can hear.  It's a flame that warms you, and then consumes you.  It's being lost, and not wanting to find your way out.  It's fear and it's exhilaration.  It's madness and it's cold calculation, it's logical infatuation.  It's lightning, it's thunder, it's humbling and wonder.



You own, my soul,

I paid, the cost,

Beyond control,

And now, I'm lost,

But I don't want to be found.

Except by you.

 I hide, it well,

No one, can tell,

How far, I fell,

Straight into hell,

But I don't want to be saved.

Except by you.



You're my seduction, my obsession,

And I've lost all possession,

Of my will to resist, betrayed by my kiss,

So painfully, tender, I fight to surrender,

To your seduction.



You lie, in wait,

Til end, of day,

It is, my fate,

I am, your prey,

But I, I won't be consumed. 

Except by you.

 A storm, is near,

No one, can hear

Your breath, on my ear,

And I disappear,

But I don't want to be freed.

Except by you.

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