Love, again, yes, but this time of the sort as it really happens - without expectation, without demand, without obedience - and more powerful because it comes without warning or bidding, more overwhelming than we could have anticipated.


Don't know what to do today

Seems like I've got nothing new to say

But it all comes back to you some way

As I wander through another day

You come to me, unbeckoned

Like a tidal wave, unreckoned

And my salvation is more than more

When you wash upon my shore

Your visage ever undaunting

A memory that is so haunting

I thought of when I saw you last night

Your shadow smile bathed in candlelight

There is you, who always waits for me

When you hold me close, you set me free

But the world weighs heavy and your gently sigh

Is enough to make the angels cry...

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