We may ask ourselves in hindsight:  What was I waiting for?  We may ask others impatiently:  What are you waiting for?  But do not dismiss its value or ignore its true nature.  Patience, is often, a virtue, and we should not so lightly dismiss its value.


They ask me, what are you waiting for

I stay here, waiting for a knock on the door

When I know what I'm suppose to do

Then I will go, what I know that I must go through

Until then, that's all that I will do

'Cause they say that patience is a virtue.

Waiting...waiting for what

For some kind of feeling inside your gut

It's fearful and dreadful and devastation

Or hardly can't wait and great expectation

Waiting...waiting so long

Through dark of night and on until dawn

You're hopeful and healing and feeling more strong

And you only get here by the way you've gone


So tell me, what are you waiting for

Did they tell you hoping won't open the closed door

But you know it's a kind of waiting

That you go through - deciding and debating

Until then, it's just always depends

We're waiting to see just how it all ends...


Waiting...waiting so long...

And you only get here by the way you've gone...

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