A hug is like coming home after a hard day at work. A hug is like warm soup on a cold night. A hug is like those old jeans that fit just right. A hug is like a soft pillow when you go to sleep at night. Hugs are a reassuring word in times of uncertainty. Hugs make us open ourselves to the notion that being close is safe. It is something you can never do alone, so it speaks to our better nature, our compassion, our empathy and our similarity…like a whispered reminder of our humanity,

...Perhaps, if the bench was never placed there, and the ground beneath it was never paved, the mountains wouldn't look as they do…silently, stoically waiting to be noticed…and the empty place wouldn’t beckon as the bench does with its plaintive plea for companionship..,

Beautiful rain drops linger on the mellowing apricot leaves. The rain is finally here. We haven't seen or felt or heard from her for so long. She’s like a piece of heavenly music, echoing soothingly near and far, so light, so airy, falling on our ears and washing over us all. 

Look around you.  You will see the random reflection of yourself in every face.  There is something of us in them and something of them in us, or perhaps, it's more appropriate to say it is something that we share in common.

Individuality is more a matter of degree, a variation on a theme, or perhaps it is something rooted in the fundamental personal truth that is manifested in some irreconcilable way that makes it hard to recognize...but it is nothing new under the sun.  It is this tendency for all of us to fail to recognize our similarities, or ignore those similarities, and the predilection to emphasize that degree of difference, that variation, that manifestation, that leads to conflict between us.

We have much more in common than we admit, including our blindness to what we share in common. When we criticize that manifestation of difference - that cultural practice, that idiomatic turn of a phrase, even that sacramental rite that even the most devoted worshiper would have difficulty explaining to a non-believer - we can inflame our most primitive passion.

If we can understand this, perhaps, this is all the understanding we need to live peacefully and harmoniously; apparently, this simple notion is our most elusive truth.

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