While admiring the majestic beauty of the mountains before me, I noticed the empty bench…comfortable and welcoming…as if to say, 'sit, relax, dream, think, ruminate, ponder, enjoy the grandeur, let nature surround you in this moment of peace...'

Perhaps, if the bench was never placed there, and the ground beneath it was never paved, the mountains wouldn't look as they do…silently, stoically waiting to be noticed…and the empty place wouldn’t beckon as the bench does with its plaintive plea for companionship.

This image that I captured, I imagine, doesn't merely portray the beauty of the mountains or the purpose of the bench, or that solitary longing and yearning; it portrays something else more profound than the obvious, something that makes me smile with contentment, something that came to me like a gentle breeze, a whisper, 'The beauty is still there, even when there is no one here to see it.'

(Red Rock Nevada)

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