Beautiful rain drops linger on the mellowing apricot leaves. The rain is finally here. We haven't seen or felt or heard from her for so long. She’s like a piece of heavenly music, echoing soothingly near and far, so light, so airy, falling on our ears and washing over us all. Such a promising display that welcomes the feeling of tranquility. All the while, it seeps into my consciousness and soaks into my fertile imagination. I marvel at its purity, its drop after drop, brightly setting everything, everywhere to glisten...and it stirs the romantic image of an umbrella shared by two somewhere, walking arm in arm, forced by something so harmless to shelter in each other's embrace, as if it is an excuse to draw closer the reassurance of love.

In this beautiful autumn rain, who would ever mind the gray implacable, or a few less stars in the heavens...

(Rain drops on apricot leaves)

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